A-Korn Roller, Inc. values employees and their contributions to the Company. The following descriptions provide an overview of the 'Reasons to Join" us and "The Perks" of employment.

Commitment to Employees
The Company is committed to its people so they can achieve their personal goals throughout the organization.

Convenient Locations
Both plants are minutes from area expressways. The Chicago facility is accessible via public transportation.

The company hires both hourly and salaried employees at competitive industry wages. We know that we must compete for talent in today's marketplace. Fair compensation is one way we do that.

Opportunities for Advancement
Talented, hard working people need a path to progress. At A-Korn Roller, that path is the road to growth. Company growth spawns the new opportunities, providing our people the chance to continually mature and advance. We need people who are willing to go forward and shoulder additional responsibility. That is a challenge for us all.

Friendly Work Environment
The atmosphere is informal and friendly. Yes, there is a great deal to do and we work hard. Yet our accomplishments come through teamwork and cooperation - usually with a smile.

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Even though A-Korn Roller, Inc. is a factor in the North American roller market, you still have to be concerned about your own well being, and that of your family. So what about the "Perks"?

Rest assured. While you'll be working with a great team, with opportunities for growth and advancement, you'll find that A-Korn Roller takes care of its people.

What does that mean? It means a comprehensive benefits package that is competitive with other industrial companies of similar size.

We work hard to maintain an up to date package that provides appropriate security for our people.

Below you will find some of the highlights of our benefit package.

Paid Vacation & Holidays
We feel strongly that vacation is both a reward for your work and necessary to "recharge the battery". Holidays are important family time. That's why we provide ample time off from work. Our paid vacation time and holiday schedule is competitive. More information is available upon request.

401 (k)
Our plan allows employees to invest part of their income for retirement on a tax-deferred basis. The Company matches 100% of the first 3% and 50% of the next 2%. Setting aside 5% will result in a 4% match from the Company.

Profit Sharing
This is a Company only contribution that may be made each year. The contribution is based on Company performance and is assigned to individual employee accounts on a tax deferred basis. Profit Sharing is in addition to the 401 (k).

Life Insurance
A-Korn Roller, Inc. offers Company paid life insurance to all regular full-time employees.

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Group Health Insurance
A-Korn Roller offers each employee a complete health care program on either an individual or family basis.

Group Dental Insurance
A-Korn Roller offers each employee dental insurance on a voluntary basis.

Bonus Program
Good annual performance typically gives way to bonus awards at the end of our fiscal year.

Ongoing Employee Development Training
We have a vested interest in your continued progress. That's why we stay focused on continued training, both internal and outside.

Direct Deposit
Employees may arrange to have their paychecks deposited directly into the bank of their choice, helping to earn more interest.

Business Casual
Most of our internal positions are now business casual. Sure, there's the right time to dress more formally, but most of the time, casual does just fine.

Employee Referral Program
We're always on the lookout for new talent, and so are our people. Our associates do some of our best recruiting, and we reward their efforts when they are successful.

More to Follow
Yes, there's more. In fact, more than we can show here. We'll be sure and discuss our benefit program with you when we get together.


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