Our roots lie in the production of first quality rollers for print. While we make many rollers for other industries, printing continues to be an primary market for us…

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We are offset specialists. Our people understand the process and help our customers stay up and running. Whether sheet fed or web, commercial, carton or newspaper, A-Korn Roller has a complete line of rollers to help you produce fine quality work. From the smallest shop to the largest, highest quality plants on the continent, A-Korn Roller makes a contribution to your improved productivity.

We serve what is termed the "strip and recover or make to order markets" and also the quick ship from stock market as well. Our X-Press Stock Roller Program provides OEM grade rollers for popular presses - both sheet fed and web.


Even though letterpress gave way to offset as a commercial process, we continue to be amazed at the quantity of machines still in operation. From hand fed to rotary web, our rolls are still tops in this area. Can't find rolls for a jobber press? Just call or click "contact us". We know what you need.


A-Korn produces a variety of rolls, both for the flexo printing process itself and also for all of the mechanical applications that are part of the process. From narrow to wide web, pressure sensitive labels to film, newspapers and more, you'll find that our expertise can help you with your application.


A-Korn serves the non-ESA portion of the gravure process including all related web control, folding and die-cutting applications. We understand the importance of closely toleranced impression rollers and need for durable mechanical rolls inline.


A-Korn maintains numerous relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and still more with refurbishers or rebuilders of equipment. We understand the unique position of these firms and are clearly able to satisfy both the stringent specifications and the high volume requirements found in these markets.


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