When it comes to rollers, the term "Industrial" covers a broad variety of applications. A-Korn Roller is competent in many of these non-printing markets, successfully meeting the demands of industry every day.

Paper, Film and Foil Converting / Metals
Wood & Furniture / Food & Ag /
Mechanical / O.E.M

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The converting industry is a fast growing and diverse industry. A-Korn produces a variety of rollers for this dynamic area. From corrugated cardboard to blown film and from pelletizing to embossing, our rolls can satisfy your most demanding application.

Flexible Packaging
Applications are almost too numerous to mention. We produce a full line of metal and rubber rolls for web handling - nip and wrinkle control, corona treating, printing, rewind and downstream product conversion.

Coatings impart properties on the finished product that are valuable to the end user. These requirements create challenges for our converting customers. A-Korn Roller adapts to the specific application, providing rolls that help the converter satisfy their ultimate customer.

Whether providing impression, working with adhesives or heat, or controlling the web or sheet, rest assured that A-Korn Roller can provide rollers that offer long service life with enhanced operator control.

Special Applications
Converting a substrate into a finished product or package can entail a variety of processes. A-Korn is experienced in both upstream and downstream requirements such as sheeting, coating, folding and gluing, hot waxing and other specialized tasks.

Web Tension & Control
Paper, cardboard, foils or films - At one point or another all of these materials are in web form and in need of precise control. A-Korn produces a variety of mechanical rollers that help control the web through your process to help minimize waste and keep valuable equipment up and running.

Strand pelletizing is both specialized and demanding. In-service requirements are grueling and long service life is expected. A-Korn produces a top quality line of pelletizer feed or nip rollers.

Sheet extrusion requires mechanical rollers for nip control that often are subjected to high heat levels. A-Korn is a competent supplier of rolls for these applications.
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A-Korn Roller provides a line of rolls for the metal industries.

Metal Decorating & Coating
We produce offset printing rollers and coating rollers for both two and three piece processes. For sheet printing lines, our Hoe Metallite Conversion provides a cost effective upgrade to older but still productive presses. We have expertise in both conventional and U.V. printing, delivering rollers that are tuned to the individual plant or press and a line of coating rollers to meet the special demands of this market.

Metal Finishing & Sanding
Final preparation of a metal product often requires abrasion or sanding for a proper finish. A-Korn produces a variety of rollers and wheels that assist in the drive, control and contacting of coated abrasives, including grooved or crowned parts. We also provide rolls that assist in controlling product transport.

Metal Production
A-Korn Roller produces a variety of rollers for metal transport, coating and squeegee applications.
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Hot Stamping
A-Korn Roller provides numerous products for the hot stamp / laminating market. Our silicone rolls provide good durability with excellent release. We assist in substrate and product transport and control.

Coating, Gluing & Laminating
These areas require a combination of wear and heat resistance, chemical compatibility and more. We're well suited to analyze our customers' process and absolutely capable of providing the right roller in these specialized areas.

Belt Sanding
In-process and final preparation of a finished wood product often requires abrasion or sanding to ensure good adhesion and for a proper finish. A-Korn produces a variety of wheels and full width rollers that assist in the drive, control and contacting of coated abrasives, including grooved or crowned parts. We also provide rolls that assist in controlling product transport.
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A-Korn Roller offers both FDA compliant and other compounds for use in the food processing industry. Let us know your requirements. We likely have just what you're looking for.

Rubber and metal rollers are also used in a number of agricultural and livestock processing applications. We satisfy the technical requirements of these highly specialized markets by properly combining the right physical and chemical properties in each roller we produce.
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Rubber and metal rollers are found throughout industry, helping to provide control in any number of mechanical processes. A-Korn Roller produces a wide range of mechanical rollers that provide assistance in drive and transport, tension and nip control, forming, wrinkle elimination and countless other functions. Contact us for more information.
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A-Korn maintains numerous relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and still more with refurbishers or rebuilders of equipment. We understand the unique position of these firms and are clearly able to satisfy both the stringent specifications and the high volume requirements found in these markets.
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